Jennifer Perry and Scott Jenkins

Frontier X is the unknown horizon, the untapped edges of creativity that we’re here to explore and share with the world. Frontier X Studio, LLC is a collaboration between husband and wife team Jennifer Perry and Scott Jenkins.

Scott Jenkins wears a lot of hats: writer, game designer, and maker.  Most of his career has been as a freelancer until he realized that his life would be less stressful working for himself. He wrote Bullet Catch, a bestselling thriller novel, and partnered with Joe Porper to make some of the finest magic props on the planet.

Jennifer Perry is a graphic designer who has spent decades doing design and project management for Fortune 500 companies. When the pandemic gave everyone time to think, she blossomed as a fine artist. Now, she lives in both worlds, doing graphic design for the JaklynRosie line of apparel and accessories, and fine art for Jennifer Makes It.